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A Letter from

Your Future Grandchildren

A Letter from Your Future Grandchildren

Dear earthling,

Back in 2020, when the weather was worse than a bad action movie and trees were valued less than a union paycheck, you did something truly amazing to change the story…

You helped launched a multi-year initiative for regenerative solutions to the climate crisis until the biosphere itself became the “industry standard”… 

History tells us it started during a time when the IPCC gave us less than 10 years before catastrophic climate became the norm and you somehow ignited a worldwide movement in the entertainment industry …

You removed all plastics from your sets, served only healthy food for craft, and invested in the communities where you filmed …

You regenerated native forests, protected biodiversity in the oceans and stopped using fossil fuels … 

You shifted toward carbon-negative productions, appointed sustainability managers in your line items and created tax incentives for studios who “go green” with a basic framework for how those goals are scaled or adapted for any boardroom or decision making entity …

You decided that your children – and the many generations of children ahead – were too important to ignore …

You worked together to mobilize the industry’s vast influence and resources to not just “tell the greatest story ever told”, but to live it: a tale of how the humans saved themselves from themselves and the planet we all cherish … 

Ultimately, you showed yourselves that cooling the earth is as cool as chilling with your favorite star on a blue & green star that loves to tell stories of overcoming crisis at the 13th hour … 

We thank you, 
Your Future Grandchildren

Our Call to Action

1. Will you heed the call and demand a central focus on climate solutions in every production, event and investment from here forward? Please sign our petition to help us distribute our unique framework on how to transform the industry’s environmental legacy and amplify climate storytelling across the world!

2. By supporting this initiative and the solutions being implemented, we are collectively amplifying the important work of indigenous, conservation and community organizations while adapting best practices for your productions or brand.

3. Finally, your ambassadorship and support will ultimately help drive billions of dollars into critical climate solutions work and inspire trillions of dollars of awareness.

How do we inspire your engagement at this critical time?

Aaron Ableman (CEO, Earth Media Creative)
Clare Dubois (CEO, Tree Sisters)

Show your support,
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Our GROWING list of
coalition partners:


Julia Jackson (Founder, Grounded Summit)

Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri (Tribeca Award-Winning Director, Photographer)

Michael Kaliski (Founder/CEO, Good Planet Innovation)

Obba Babatunde (Director/Actor, Emmy / Tony Award Winner)

Sarah Hope (Executive Director, 100% Solutions with Mark Ruffalo/Don Cheadle)

Susan Haymer (CEO, 360 Degree Communications)  

Cynthia Riddle (Co-Chair, Green Committee @ Director’s Guild of America)  

David Walsh (CEO, Emerge Studios)

Kathy Eldon (Founder, Creative Visions)

David Traub (Producer, UNIFY)

Emellie O’Brien (Founder & CEO, Earth Angel)

Tamara Roske-Martinez (Executive Director, Earth Guardians)

Michael Fitzpatrick (Founder, Earth’s Call)

Maya Neumeier (Locations / PRM, Netflix) 

Melina Laboucan-Massimo (CEO, Sacred Earth Solar) 

Taj James (Founder, Movement Strategy Center)

Cheryl Hauser (Filmmaker/CEO, Creative Breed)

DJ Spooky (Producer, DJ)

Jim Theabaut (Producer/Filmmaker)

Danny Pardo (Actor)

Dayna Reggero (Filmmaker/Producer)

Daniella Russo (CEO, Think Beyond Plastic)

Wayne Young (Producer, Fern Gully / Youngheart Entertainment) 

Tara LaSalla (President, Green Me Locally Inc.)

Ron Roecker (CEO, Be Differently/Enfluence Group)

Darius Farraye (Senior Designer / Motion Graphic Artist, CBS Studios)

Joel Harper (CEO/Partner, Freedom Three Publishing)

Becky Morrison (Founder, The Light)

David Easton (Producer, The Light)

Lora O’Conner (Strategic Catalyst, Planet 911) 

Hunter Vaughan (University of Colorado Boulder), author of Hollywood’s Dirtiest Secret: the Hidden Environmental Costs of the Movies

Jon Raundalen (Head of Department of Art and Media Studies Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU)

Paul Wallis (BA Hons PGCert. AFHEA, Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies &  BAFTA albert Education Partnership)

Josefine Madsen (Founder, Jordnær Creative) 

Anne Ahn Lund (Co-Founder, Jordnær Creative) 

Annie East (Bournemouth University), founding member of BAFTA albert in education partnership 

Dr. Edward McCaffrey (Producer, Joose TV) 

Birgit Heidsiek (Founder, European Centre for Sustainability in the Media World/Green Film Shooting)

Pietari Kääpä (University of Warwick), author of Environmental Management of the Media: Policy, Industry, Practice 

Green The Industry is fiscally sponsored by Creative Visions, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that supports creative activists, those that use the arts and media to ignite social change.


Green The Industry is galvanizing a massive entertainment industry coalition to demand action on the climate emergency.

By activating a transformation akin to “Me Too” for the planet, Green The Industry is here to show that movies, television and media of all kinds can be profitable while caring for the earth.

Through 5 key areas of impact – 1) Water 2) Forests 3) Food 4) Energy and 5) Money – the initiative is asking for guilds, agencies, talent and studios to prioritize and partner with community groups, indigenous tribes and other pioneering conservation organizations in delivering the solutions our world needs more than ever.

The campaign supports an economically-viable shift in the environmental footprint behind productions and is helping fortify a new rubric for success in this industry.

Not only do we need new ways of producing content but we need new stories that meet the calls of our changing world.

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